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leaf Community Acupuncture

Effective and Affordable Treatment


Community Acupuncture offers effective, affordable treatment to a broad range of the population.  Based on a vision of making acupuncture part of the solution to our current healthcare crisis, Community Acupuncture offers a calming environment to treat health conditions, all while being convenient to your schedule and wallet! Treatment in a group setting is common in China to keep the cost low so it is possible to receive frequent, and thus more effective, treatment. All patients benefit from the synergistic healing effects that are difficult to attain individually.

Ask during your Complementary Consultation if Community Acupuncture will work for you.


Community Acupuncture Times:

Mon. 3pm/3:30pm

Tues. 10am/10:30am

Wed. 5pm/5:30pm




Treatments as low as $25!










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