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leaf Acupuncture
  Stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanism



Acupuncture, existing for thousands of years, is the insertion of a hair-thin needle into a specific point of energy (Qi) on the body to simulate a physiological change. It increases circulation, stimulates the body to release corticosteroids (the body’s own anti-inflammatory) and endorphins (the body’s own pain relievers). Acupuncture stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms.


Acupuncture is energy medicine. Life energy permeates the human body, circulating through specific energetic pathways called meridians or channels. These pathways are linked via hundreds of points on the surface of the body through which this energy can be accessed and influenced.


Chinese Herbal and Nutritional Consultations are done to support the body’s system in optimizing health. Traditional Chinese powder herbs are custom blended or pill form recommended for the ‘syndromes’ recognized through Tongue diagnosis, pulse reading and questions.


leaf Types Of Acupuncture Treatments
Community Acupuncture
The Shen Rejuvenation Treatment
Ear Acupuncture
Facial Rejuvenation
Sports Medicine














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