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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioral technology, used to empower you with a set of guiding principles and attitudes about real-life behavior.

It allows you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors and gives you the ability to choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being. People all over the world are discovering the power of NLP for changing their lives, and achieving their goals and heart's desires. NLP is not new, although many people are just now beginning to discover the many uses of NLP for practical, yet powerful solutions to everyday problems.
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) uses a number of techniques or tools to teach people to identify personal goals, change unhelpful beliefs, remove addictions, reach a higher level of achievement, and communicate better with others. Special attention is paid to the relationship between language, thoughts, and behavior.

NLP is based on the belief that the brain controls how the body functions; language determines how people communicate; and programming is used to develop models for interaction. NLP involves studying the relationship between all three parts. Thinking is closely tied to the five senses, and experiences are recreated in memories through the senses, these are what limit people's abilities and beliefs. Once people understand that they create their own internal world, they realize they have the power to change their behavior and health.

The best way to understand what NLP is all about is to break down the components of the name:

Neuro refers to the neurological system. NLP is based on the idea that we experience the world through our senses and translate sensory information into thought processes, both conscious and unconscious. Thought processes activate the neurological system, which affects physiology, emotions, and behavior. Much of NLP is about learning how to manage your neurological system for optimum results.

Language to make sense of the world, capture and conceptualize experience, and communicate that experience to others. Linguistics is the study of how words mediate and influence human experience. Much of NLP is about learning how to think more effectively and communicate more effectively with yourself and others.

Programming draws heavily from learning theory and addresses how we code (mentally represent) experience. Your personal programming consists of your internal processes and strategies (thinking patterns) that you use to make decisions, solve problems, learn, evaluate and get results. NLP shows people how to recode their experiences and organize their internal programming so they can get he outcomes they want.


NLP is like software for the brain. Through NLP, you can learn how to organize and structure your thought processes, enhance your perceptions, and improve the way you communicate with yourself and others to achieve excellence in any endeavor you choose. NLP is about getting phenomenal, lasting results in life and being the best you can be.



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