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leaf Inward Journey
  Connect with your inner self and find peace within




Sound Healing
Sound is not just registered through the ears, but the entire body responds to sound waves. Sound Healing can release emotional blockages easily as well as blocked energy in the Acupressure meridian system.

Instruction in the secret of mind-body renewal, learning techniques for deep relaxation and conscious exploration.

T'ai Chi
A gentle dance-like exercise to calm and inspire the mind and body. This art is meditation in motion and is very inspirational and relaxing.

Qi Gong
Meditative movement to enhance Chi energy within. Incorporating breathing techniques with mental focus for health and self discovery. Many movements in Qi Gong can be used to compliment healing of specific medical conditions.

Mindful Stress Management
Essential skills for managing the simple and not-so-simple stresses in life. Therapies include relationship and parenting, dealing with disabilities, anger issues and more.

How to Get Happy
Guided techniques to help you become more resilient, the first skill for joyful living. Learn to use the Laws of Attraction to bring positive change to your life.

Hypnosis For Health and Growth
Unlock the power of your unconscious mind to reduce stress, improve self-esteem and discover inner strength. Overcome past and current setbacks to allow yourself to move forward and leave your fears behind.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
An alternative approach or compliment to hypnosis, NLP allows you to remove phobias, change negative patterns and refocus your direction. Give yourself the tools you need for success in relationships and career.

Life Coaching
Supportive guidance in the areas of your life that are preventing you from joy and success. Helping to break down walls and build bridges to the new you.

Gardens Private Yoga
One-on-one yoga with Private instruction tailored to your own needs and fitness level. Useful in developing a home routine for those that have injury or special health concerns. A perfect and private transition for those wanting to adapt to group class postures.


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